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My artistic creative process is spontaneous. I deliberately invite a certain amount of chaos, fortune and the possibility of happy coincidences into my studio and give them space while I work on my art.

My Artistic Process

My artworks are often created in series or as groups of paintings focusong on a common theme. Accordingly, the following pages are structured as “portfolios”: “Chasing the Invisible” and “Tachism Reloaded” represent two current groups of artworks. 

Further acrylic paintings on canvas are available online at SingulartSaatchi Art and Artfinder.com .

In the shop on this website you will also find abstract artworks on paper, most of them form the category “gestural abstraction” .


Artist Statement

Aerial I abstract expressionist art lyrical abstraction artwork on canvas by contemporary artist Anja Stemmer

“Chasing the invisible”

Currently I pursue two themes
One idea is to paint the invisible – as an example, I artistically investigate the wind, a light breeze, a gentle movement of air – perceptible only through the effect that the movement of air has on objects in the visible world, bringing them into focus, letting them blow, flowing around them… 

“Tachism Reloaded”

The second theme is also related to the first aspect.
Painting is like riding a bicycle freehand – a well-controlled freedom. It is about the happy coincidences and unrepeatable moments that can happen when the subconscious takes the lead and guides the artist’s hand. This is an approach to process-oriented painting that is typical of Abstract Expressionism also known as informal painting.

"Flashlight" - XXL Painting and Abstract expressionist modern artwork. A modern acrylic painting by abstract artist Anja Stemmer.
Verve - Abstract expressionist art painting on canvas by contemporary artist Anja Stemmer

Talking about Art


The crazy mind

An interview with "The crazy mind" about my artistic process. Click at the asterisk to open a new window for the interview.

Only Abstract

An interview with "Only Abstract" about my approach and philosophy. Click at the asterisk opens a new window ...


A short feature of Online Art Magazine "JaamZIN" about me and my art. Please click at the asterisk to open a new window with the interview.

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A short flip through video of my current catalogue. It is available from Amazon.de.

Most of the depicted artworks can be found in the “Portfolio” section of this website – displayed in various interiors.